Who is the Everywoman?

Who is the everywoman?







Or just a person?

Women are often defined by where and how they are born. A woman born in one part of the world is not the same as another born in another part of the world. This is often not determined by even the country of birth but the exact location of that birth.

Mothers do not have the same opportunities and often do not have the same prenatal care or availability. Even the circumstances surrounding conception can also be a determining factor. Not all mothers welcome the birth of their children. Women are often trapped in circumstances that often result in an unwelcomed birth.

Prenatal care is detrimental to the outcome of a healthy birth. Habits and genetics by parents can determine outcomes.

One’s nationality, familial culture and economy often determine what happens to shape the everywoman.

But, then how is the ordinary woman in your part of the world defined? Women don’t have free choice in how they live. Genetics and parental input shape who we are and who we become.




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